ATTIC INC. was named after the idea of “a secret base in the attic.”
We create exciting sounds from a place that reminds us of our childhood memory.
That is ATTIC INC.

Make some noise! Have some fun!

What’s ATTIC?

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ATTIC INC. is a sound production team who works in various fields such as video games, TV shows, commercials, and promotions.

  • Music production/Sound effect production/Narration (voice acting) production
  • Artist coordinations for foreign singers/narrators active in Japan.

And such! Let us help you with your various sound production projects!

What’s ATTIC?のイメージ画像


Core members who assembled at our secret base in the attic. Producers, coordinators, composers, arrangers, and singers with vast experience and achievements, will create exciting sounds together with you.

Foreign artists

We will make productions in foreign languages more familiar to our clients! At ATTIC INC., we do artist coordinations for many talented singers, narrators, lyricists, and composers residing in Japan, as well as provide support to productions.

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Artist alliance

There are various genres and musicalities in sound productions, and there are artists specialized in each. At ATTIC INC., we don’t complete projects with just our core members, but we work together in a team with many of our artists in alliance.

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