Artist Registration
photo of ATTIC INC.
From the left, Kayoko Mine (singer), Kumi Tanioka (composer), Akari Kaida(composer), Sebastian Schwartz (composer),
Kenji Nakajo (president/soundproducer), Haruki Yamada (composer), Chizu Iwaki (director/coordinator), KOTO (singer),
Daniel Lindholm (composer).

ATTIC INC. has been established by Kenji Nakajo and Chizu Iwaki. Kenji Nakajo, a former worker at TECMO KOEI GAMES, has made his name as a talented sound designer and sound engineer in the video-game industry. Chizu Iwaki has spent the past two decades working as an artist coordinator and has built up a vast network in various industries, including gaming, TVCM and English educational materials. These two highly-talented people have started a sound-production company. Imagine the feeling of excitement, like that of a child — in a secret basement or in an attic. ATTIC INC. will produce sounds with feelings of excitement and anticipation. We would love to join with clients and artists to create and put into action new ideas. Where you’ll find it: at ATTIC INC. !

Artist Registration

ATTIC INC. is always looking for talented artists (singer, narrator and composer).
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